Children's attitude


Tests to try when your child's arm does not rise (junior shoulder)

Shoulder pain in children (junior shoulder) When the arm did not rise, I saw an 8-year-old child. When examined, there was pain in the upper part of the shoulder joint from about 120 degrees of external rotation and 90 degrees of flexion, and there was restriction of elevation. When raised by passive movement, there was a normal range of motion. This child seemed to be napping on the hard wooden floor. This shoulder joint disorder is a symptom that is sometimes seen in women in their 20s and 30s, but in the case of symptoms with elevation limitations, such as the child's arm not rising, subluxation of the acromioclavicular joint should be paid attention to. Try it if your child can't lift his arm because of pain! For example, if your child wakes up sleeping on a wooden floor, his arms no longer rise, or he sleeps in strange clothes and his arms do not rise. Test video to try when your child's arm does not rise Paxino's Test 1 Patients are asked to sit with their upper arms hanging down to the front of the body. 2The examiner grasps the acromion and collarbone with one hand. 3The examiner applies pressure to the acromioclavicular joint with the thumb and finger 4 At this time, if there is pain near the acromioclavicular joint, it is positive. 5If there is pain when raising the arm, there is a possibility of damage to the acromioclavicular joint or subluxation. * Self-treatment methods at home will be updated at a later date. Further reading: Walton et al. Diagnostic values of tests for acromioclavicular joint pain. The Journal of bone and joint surgery.2004 Written by: Naoaki Kizu This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

第二回 進化型シセイセミナー報告

Report on the 2nd Evolutionary Cissei Seminar

2022July 4: Summary of Questionnaire Results of the Evolutionary Sisei Seminar Q1.More than half of the respondents, 63 people, had some symptoms, and 60 people had stiff necks or shoulders and headaches, which was 16. What is also worrisome is that there are 47 people with lower body symptoms such as back pain, ankle pain, and knee pain. This may need to be addressed not only in terms of posture, but also in terms of physical development. Q2. この歩き方についてアンケートをとった理由は、近年内股歩行の子供たちの来院が増えているからです。Q1での下半身の症状と関連する可能性があります。ただ、内股は5名と少ないのですが、よくわからないという回答が22名もいるので、検査して調べてみる必要はあるかと思います。 Q3.タオルを使った座り方は、6~10までをプラスと考えて95名が実感できたと思われるので、一定の効果はあったかと思います。数人お尻が痛いと言っていた子供がおりますが、これはこのタオル座りをすることにより、今まで椅子に腰掛けていた部位が変わり坐骨が当たるため、もしくはお尻筋肉の筋肉痛だと思われます。このタオル座りは、長時間行えば、お尻が痛くなることが多々あるので、子供たちには、タオルと入れたり、抜いたりすることを勧めてください! Q4. 進化型前へ倣えに関しても、6~10をプラスと考え、同様に95名が理解できたようなのでよかったと思っております。このフィードフォワード反射を使った前へ倣えは姿勢の基本になります。少し大袈裟かもしれませんが、子供たちにとって今後の人生の財産になるぐらい大きなことです。是非朝礼に導入して頂けたらと思っております。 Q5. The way to hold a pen or a scissor is a way of holding that is increasing in people in their 10~40s. Games and computers also play a role, but posture issues are also involved. More than 30% of the children, 35 children, seem to have this way. This way of holding can lead to stiffness in the neck and shoulders, as well as pain in the fingers and wrists. Measures should be implemented from the beginning of elementary school. Q6. この持ち方検査では、手首の腱鞘で起こる問題(ドケルバン病)についてモニターしています。痺れの子供含め35名中、半数以上の18名に陽性反応ができているので、すでにドケルバン病が発症している可能性が高いので、早めの対策を望みます。(その時はご協力いたします) 総論:5、6年生(113名)に回答してもらったアンケート結果より、全体的に進化型シセイに関しては理解してもらえた印象があります。 ただ、下半身の症状も多く、外遊びの多いと考えられる青森の子供たちですが、青森の季節的要因(冬)や、環境的要因(ゲーム、タブレット使用や車社会)なども影響し、多くの症状を持った子供が増えている可能性もあるので、今後は、そのような要因もアンケートに加えて実施できれば、今後の対策が明確化できると思います。 末筆ではございますが、この度は、子供たちの姿勢を研究する上で、大変貴重な機会を与えて頂き心より感謝しております。また、今回の進化型シセイセミナーを機に姿勢を考えるきっかけになってくれれば嬉しいです。 子供たちみんなアンケート回答してくれてありがとう! 今後ともよろしくお願い申し上げます。 2022年7月吉日   文責:木津直昭Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


Children who often fall

内股歩行で来院される子供たちの特徴の一つに幼少の頃から足が交差して転ぶことが挙げられます。 そして、幼少時期だけではなく、10~12歳になっても足が交差して転ぶ子供たちも珍しくありません。 なぜでしょうか? もちろん外遊びが少なくなり、バランス感覚や体性感覚が鈍くなっているのも一因ですが、そもそも公園などでも少しバランスが難しい、怪我しそうな遊具などが取り除かれ、安全第一になっているのも影響しているのではないでしょうか?ある程度危険が伴う遊具は、子供たちの脳を刺激して、正常な機能神経ネットワークが自然に育まれるのだと思います。 内股歩行の子供たちに対しては、三つの可能性について説明させて頂いております。 ①筋骨格系に問題(骨盤、股関節、膝関節、足関節など) ②機能神経系の問題(脳の左右バランスや固有受容感覚や体性感覚など) ③上記①と②を合わせ持った問題  最近、多くの子供達を検査・評価してきた思うのは、内股歩行は、単純な筋骨格系の問題ではなく、成長過程においての神経機能の低下や亢進など複雑な問題が絡み合って起きている可能性があるのです。 Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました。元の内容と異なる場合がありますので、ご注意ください。


Observe the child's posture!

The number of people who come to the hospital with children walking inward is increasing. From the questionnaire results of the children who came to the hospital, the way they sit from baby to early age and how they sit afterwards (illustration: Pechanko sitting) also have an effect. In some cases, children recover spontaneously by the age of 10, but recently an increasing number of children with inner thighs have been visited without change after follow-up. In addition, there are cases where mothers often walk next to each other and grow up without noticing their back appearance. I feel that it is necessary to observe your child walking from behind (such as the first time noticed at the sports day). Kids grow up in no time! Let's observe the growth of the child from a slightly different angle, such as the way he sits and walks! The child in the photo above was asked to sit upright as usual, but the left hip joint is internally rotated, which is no different from sitting lightly, so you need to be careful. Written by: Naoaki Kizu This page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


A report on the current situation of children at the elementary school attitude seminar (195 people)

Report on the current situation of children found at elementary school attitude seminar (195 people) (1) *This is a survey result of 195 elementary school students in the first to sixth grade who attended the seminar. (1) Regarding the symptoms of current children, it is as follows. 63% of all students have symptoms of stiff neck, stiff shoulders, or headaches. 31% have symptoms on one of the legs (knee, ankle, hip joint). Fifteen% have low back pain. *From this, in addition to introducing correct attitude education (evolutionary shisei), early measures incorporating training etc. are considered necessary. (2) How to walk There are 10 people walking in the inner crotch and 4 people with a crotch. * In particular, walking in the crotch is a case that is currently being studied, but it is one of the disorders that is increasing in elementary school students. It may be said that it is a developmental disorder of the gray zone. Children who walk in the crotch after 10 people every month come to our hospital. We provide treatments to remove brain dysfunctions and train somatic and endeorgenic sensations. Since then, the number of cases that improve is increasing. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Elementary school students "Evolution type shisei" seminar postscript

The children sent us their impressions of the attitude seminar "Evolution Type Shisei" held at an elementary school in Aomori! Tears came to my moving writing. These days, tears should not be fragile, children realize the importance of posture and act on it. Kids, keep your spine up.! Don't be back.! Improve your posture! I don't think I can continue because I can't understand the meaning of being said. If children can know what happens if their posture is bad and understand that they can take a good posture easily, I'm sure they can continue that attitude.  It should be irreplaceable for the child's growth.! I would like to continue to convey the importance of posture and un easy posture to children, "Evolved Shisei" in the future.! It was an impression sentence of children who made such a decision. Thank you!! It was an attitude seminar with the cooperation of the principal and the teacher in charge. There is only gratitude. It was an elementary school where the whole school was greatly educated aiming for a good attitude! * "Evolved Shisei" is "Stretch your spine!" and "Don't be a cat!" It is a new posture method that is different from posture education such as "you can easily have a good posture", elementary school and education-related people interested in the "Evolved Shisei" seminar, please contact the following email! e-mail: Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Nikkei "DUAL" Coverage Cooperation (2) "On Children's Attitudes"

Nikkei x woman We cooperated in the series article coverage. Sequel to the impact on the previous child's posture. Theme: "Get a life-long attitude with a clam or buttocks towel!" If you wear a bad posture as a child, your health may be adversely affected after the child grows up. In the previous article (the effect of "playing only games without playing outside" on the child's posture), I told you that it is important to play outside to prevent the deterioration of posture, but is there something that can be devised at home while it is difficult to go out under corona? We asked Naoaki Kizu, director of the KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director, who has been performing business people's treatment in Nihonbashi, Tokyo for about 30 years, to teach us how to do it easily in our daily lives. For more information, please visit the Nikkei x woman official website below. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Child attitude check event postscript

7On Sunday, November 18th, we held a children's posture check event.  From 4 to 13 years old, 28 children participated! We started to announce that many people participated even though it was 4 weeks ago. I think that it is a result that there are many parents who are concerned about the posture and walking of the child. The tests were performed on how-to (video analysis of walking lanes) and a vHIT test and an infrared-based nystrial test by a specialist. *vHIT(video Head Impulse Test)is an inspection that can evaluate all the left and right canals by attaching a high-speed camera and an accelerometer. In addition, by performing a nysitary examination with an infrared CCD camera, it is possible to check whether there are any abnormalities in the inner ear (tricephaly canal or otolith).  As a result, the vHIT test was positive 0 persons, but the infrared nystrial test showed nystrial in 6 people. There are no major problems with this nystrocies, so I would like to keep an eye on them in the future.  As a consideration, children with modern posture deterioration and inner crotch walking think that there is some problem somewhere in the functional neural network from the lower limbs and trunk to the sight, equilibrium sense, and the vestibular cerebellum to the cerebrum.  In addition, I would like to continue researching the mechanism of improving the inner crotch by actually treating the cervical spine with chiropractic and balancing the entire body. Thank you to all parents and children who participated in the hot weather from the morning. Thank you very much to the teachers of the Otorhinolaryngology and Otolaryngology And Ears Team at St. Marianna University Hospital!  We will continue collaboration research with otolaryngology teachers in the future! I will do my best not to lose to the passion of the ear team teachers! Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

第1回 子供姿勢チェックイベント

The 1st Children's Posture Check Event

The number of parents who are concerned about the posture and walking of children is increasing. At this posture event, I would like to conduct a professional verification of reflection while checking the vestibular function (otorhinolaryngology area) for checks on children's posture and walking style.  KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director Naoaki Kizu and Dr. Fumihiro Mochizuki, an otorhinolaryngologist, will jointly check the walking style and reflection of elementary school children! If you are worried about walking in the crotch, back of your cat, warped waist, floating finger, flat foot, low back pain, stiff shoulders, etc., or if you are unable to maintain your posture, please join us. Date: July 18, 2021 9:30~ 12:00Number of applicants: 20 (children from 6 to 12 years old) Participation fee: Free Location: Tokyo Nihonbashi KIZU Chiropractic Main Hospital Lecturer: Fumihiro Mochizuki (Otolaryngology Specialist, St. Marianna Medical University Hospital) Naoaki Kizu (Director of KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director) Click here * Please select two desired hours to avoid congestion. (We will contact you later. * Please note that this data may be used for research. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Figure skater's warped waist

Not to mention "jump" is essential in figure skating. Although it is this jump, when trying to jump high, it is sometimes said that it is an image that the chest is opened and hung from the sky. I think this is true not only in skating, but also in ballet and dance. This advice of "hanging from the sky from the sky" is one of the reasons (low back pain) that warps the athlete's body. And when people are told to open their chests and correct their postures, they put a stronger amount of effort on their backs and shoulders. As a result, the lower back warps, leading to back pain and back pain.  Such athletes' low back pain can also cause lumbar isolation when done from childhood. It is important to learn the correct jump operation and to improve the "lumbar" caused by warping this waist! In our hospital, the treatment for low back pain due to the waist that warped too much uses the Glaston technique to the deep fascia and ligament along with this correction of the lumbar sacral angle, and the effect has come out. And be careful when jumping. It's not about being hung, it's about having the floor on your side. However, it is an image of floating the body in the air using this floor reaction force. For that, it is an image that uses the spring of the sole of the foot. Not only toes, but also heels when standing on the toes, it is an image that pushes the floor! Currently, at the same time as low back pain treatment, the elementary school student of the figure skater double Axel (triple Axel ahead!) I have this training aimed at! Good luck ◯◯chan! If you are worried about how to use your body with too much back pain or jumping, please contact us! Representative Naoaki KizuLanguage This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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