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Nikkei "DUAL" Coverage Cooperation (2) "On Children's Attitudes"

Nikkei x woman We cooperated in the series article coverage. Sequel to the impact on the previous child's posture. Theme: "Get a life-long attitude with a clam or buttocks towel!" If you wear a bad posture as a child, your health may be adversely affected after the child grows up. In the previous article (the effect of "playing only games without playing outside" on the child's posture), I told you that it is important to play outside to prevent the deterioration of posture, but is there something that can be devised at home while it is difficult to go out under corona? We asked Naoaki Kizu, director of the KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director, who has been performing business people's treatment in Nihonbashi, Tokyo for about 30 years, to teach us how to do it easily in our daily lives. For more information, please visit the Nikkei x woman official website below. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Child attitude check event postscript

7On Sunday, November 18th, we held a children's posture check event.  From 4 to 13 years old, 28 children participated! We started to announce that many people participated even though it was 4 weeks ago. I think that it is a result that there are many parents who are concerned about the posture and walking of the child. The tests were performed on how-to (video analysis of walking lanes) and a vHIT test and an infrared-based nystrial test by a specialist. *vHIT(video Head Impulse Test)is an inspection that can evaluate all the left and right canals by attaching a high-speed camera and an accelerometer. In addition, by performing a nysitary examination with an infrared CCD camera, it is possible to check whether there are any abnormalities in the inner ear (tricephaly canal or otolith).  As a result, the vHIT test was positive 0 persons, but the infrared nystrial test showed nystrial in 6 people. There are no major problems with this nystrocies, so I would like to keep an eye on them in the future.  As a consideration, children with modern posture deterioration and inner crotch walking think that there is some problem somewhere in the functional neural network from the lower limbs and trunk to the sight, equilibrium sense, and the vestibular cerebellum to the cerebrum.  In addition, I would like to continue researching the mechanism of improving the inner crotch by actually treating the cervical spine with chiropractic and balancing the entire body. Thank you to all parents and children who participated in the hot weather from the morning. Thank you very much to the teachers of the Otorhinolaryngology and Otolaryngology And Ears Team at St. Marianna University Hospital!  We will continue collaboration research with otolaryngology teachers in the future! I will do my best not to lose to the passion of the ear team teachers! Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

第1回 子供姿勢チェックイベント

The 1st Children's Posture Check Event

The number of parents who are concerned about the posture and walking of children is increasing. At this posture event, I would like to conduct a professional verification of reflection while checking the vestibular function (otorhinolaryngology area) for checks on children's posture and walking style.  KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director Naoaki Kizu and Dr. Fumihiro Mochizuki, an otorhinolaryngologist, will jointly check the walking style and reflection of elementary school children! If you are worried about walking in the crotch, back of your cat, warped waist, floating finger, flat foot, low back pain, stiff shoulders, etc., or if you are unable to maintain your posture, please join us. Date: July 18, 2021 9:30~ 12:00Number of applicants: 20 (children from 6 to 12 years old) Participation fee: Free Location: Tokyo Nihonbashi KIZU Chiropractic Main Hospital Lecturer: Fumihiro Mochizuki (Otolaryngology Specialist, St. Marianna Medical University Hospital) Naoaki Kizu (Director of KIZU Chiropractic Representative Director) Click here * Please select two desired hours to avoid congestion. (We will contact you later. * Please note that this data may be used for research. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


Figure skater's warped waist

Not to mention "jump" is essential in figure skating. Although it is this jump, when trying to jump high, it is sometimes said that it is an image that the chest is opened and hung from the sky. I think this is true not only in skating, but also in ballet and dance. This advice of "hanging from the sky from the sky" is one of the reasons (low back pain) that warps the athlete's body. And when people are told to open their chests and correct their postures, they put a stronger amount of effort on their backs and shoulders. As a result, the lower back warps, leading to back pain and back pain.  Such athletes' low back pain can also cause lumbar isolation when done from childhood. It is important to learn the correct jump operation and to improve the "lumbar" caused by warping this waist! In our hospital, the treatment for low back pain due to the waist that warped too much uses the Glaston technique to the deep fascia and ligament along with this correction of the lumbar sacral angle, and the effect has come out. And be careful when jumping. It's not about being hung, it's about having the floor on your side. However, it is an image of floating the body in the air using this floor reaction force. For that, it is an image that uses the spring of the sole of the foot. Not only toes, but also heels when standing on the toes, it is an image that pushes the floor! Currently, at the same time as low back pain treatment, the elementary school student of the figure skater double Axel (triple Axel ahead!) I have this training aimed at! Good luck ◯◯chan! If you are worried about how to use your body with too much back pain or jumping, please contact us! Representative Naoaki KizuLanguage This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

2020年11月7~8日 第一回キッズイベント開催報告!

2020November 7-8, 2010 The first kids event held report!

2020The first kids event was held on November 7 and 8, 2009. Themes change children's lives! I talked passionately about the skill of parents to become a child's body doctor!  This time, we have a program on children's posture issues and training methods with classroom study and practice. As a first attempt, on the first day, on the morning of the second day of the classroom for parents at night, the practice was held simultaneously for parents and children in real and online. As a measure against corona, Real has limited the number of people and held it on a small scale. 25 parents participated in the online classroom!?? 1On the second day, I explained the general discussion on the posture, growth, and movement of children, and as a theory, the points and mechanisms of how to analyze children's inner crotch walking were explained, and on the second day, parents actually practiced the body analysis of children as a body doctor! We also had a parent-child coordination training together and the kids were overjoyed! Thank you to everyone who participated! We introduced switching between two cameras and lighting, and it has become full-fledged! ========================================The following impressions were received from the parents and children who participated! =====================================1.It was good that I was able to study a lot of things. I was reminded that it is important for adults (parents) to notice and enjoy together. 2. It is very easy to understand because we will study on the first day and practice on the second day. I understood well that it is very important for parents to practice first. 3. It was very good to know how to take care of the points as parents in the process of their growth and how to pay attention to their children. 4. It was easy to understand about the inner crotch walk by how old you should be concerned about which point clearly. He taught me how to move my body from the way my child is interested, and I wanted to have fun working with parents and children. The explanation was online the day before, so there was no long explanation at the venue, and it was good that the child was able to participate without getting tired. It was also helpful to be able to review the video later. 5. I'm glad the children seemed to be more fun than anything else. It was also an event that parents, children, and families can enjoy. At this event, I thought that it was important for adults to watch over it and provide an environment where they can grow up on their own. Adults want to have the same perspective as children, from the perspective of adults who think about the future vision and "how can they get their children interested?" However, I wanted adults and children to devote their energies to society and politics for some reason, even though they wanted to share a good time with each other. 6. The reality is that if you do not know the current state of children in this corona disaster and approach something, you will surely be adversely harmed. 7. It was good that it was easy to incorporate into life that the way of playing to increase children's motor nerves was simple and fun. Even my brothers understood the difference between the inside crotch and not, and it was very helpful to run outside barefoot anyway. When posture changes, children's lives will change! We would like to continue our kids event in the future! Naoaki Kizu LanguageThis page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


About children's posture improvement goods

I'm often asked questions about children's posture improvement goods. "Can I improve my posture using posture correction goods?" ? (1) Floating finger improvement goods Floating finger becomes the heel center of gravity and the toes float. The number of children with floating fingers is increasing. When you look at patients, they do not change even if you become an adult as they are, and there are many people who have floating fingers. ? (2) Cat back improvement corset (supporter) ?Certainly, children are so bad that they only see children with their backs. By forcibly waking up the posture, it may look somewhat less. ? (3) Internal crotch correction corset (Gibbs) ?It is certain that the number of children walking in the crotch is increasing. Gibbs corrects torsion of the tibia below the knee. It is to correct the torsion by fixing it, such as wearing it when sleeping.? There are various posture correction goods as described above on three problems. ? Here is my view. ? I have to do what the children are doing! I sympathy! And certainly, the difference may be clear if it is attached to the part and not. ?But what's important here is that the body needs to be thought about as a whole. I don't think we should capture it with parts. ?The whole body works in a connected chain. Capturing with a part interferes with the overall movement. I think correction in natural movement is necessary. ?Left image: The left side is the child's careful posture, but it is warped with a back of the cat with a floating finger. (It is also a plumid stomach.) Right image: The right side is after adjustment of the spine and pelvis to transmit the repulsive force from the floor to the body. It's clearly improving. In order to convey the repulsive force from the floor to the body, it is necessary for the kinetic kinetic chain to work correctly. Everything is happening in a chain. In order to cure this chain, it is necessary to correct the interlocking of the whole body. Unless congenital problems or strong pain interfere with daily life. I just hope that attitude improvement goods do not interfere with the growth of children easily. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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