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Child Growth Period Two Sword Style Pillow "Game Sleep" New Development

A dual-wielding pillow that resets your game posture and study posture while sleeping Important growth period 5 years from 5th grade of elementary school ~ 3rd grade of junior high school It is a pillow dedicated to that important period! "Game sleep" is a strong ally for children who play games! Game sleep exercises help you reset your spine by playing games or studying in the two minutes before going to bed for a comfortable sleep. Click here for the official website of □ Game Sleep Game Sleep is a pillow developed for your child's important growth period. In childhood, I tossed and turned many times and rarely slept still. However, as your body grows, you will spend more time sleeping in the same position. During such a growth period, children tend to slouch a lot in study and games, and are prone to slouching and straight necks. It is a dual-wielding pillow that can reset that collapsed posture with a simple "game sleep 2-minute exercise" before going to bed! Click here for a game sleep exercise video that resets □ game posture *The Dr. Pillow, which was developed to reset the straight neck developed by Naoaki Kizu (WHO standard chiropractor), the representative director of the KIZU Chiropractic Group, has sold a total of 10,000 units since its launch in 2000. This development know-how was developed for growing children in this "game sleep". The official website of □ Game Sleep Sales has been automatically translated from this language. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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