Inner Thigh Personal Treatment in Kyoto

72nd (Sun) Kyoto Children's inner thigh walking Personal treatment notice!

On a hot Sunday in the middle of summer, in Kyoto, we will perform the first business trip treatment for children's inner crotch walking.
I have been studying inner thigh walking for the past five years and found that various factors cause internal thighs.
Research presentation data is gradually being collected. Physical changes that are happening to children in the inner thighs and
I am gradually elucidating the causes of the neurological function system and the musculoskeletal system.
Last year, 100 new children with inward walking visited the hospital every year, and the number of cases of early improvement is increasing.

The treatment will be handled by Naoaki Kizu, the representative director of KIZU Chiropractic.
Tokyo Japan Bridge is visited by inner-footed mushrooms from all over the country and overseas.

7May 2 (Sun) Kyoto Inner thigh walking Personal treatment Details / Application

Treatment fee: ¥ 30,000 (about 1 hour)
→ Early bird ¥20,000 *Early bird discount until May 31
(As of May 7, there are two seats left.) )

(1) Internal thigh analysis (please send us a video in advance)
(2) Internal hip examination (pelvis, hip joint, tibia below the knee, ankle joint, etc.)
(3) Treatment (spine and pelvis twisting correction, hip joint / ankle joint correction, functional nerve adjustment, etc.)
(4) Explanation (cause of your child's inner thigh, mechanism, etc.)
(5) Future measures (precautions at home, shoes, self-care law, etc.)