Happy New Year ~ Towards improving inner walking ~

Inner thigh gait and cervical spine stability In internal thigh walking, total intervention such as musculoskeletal system, functional nervous system, and sensory system is important as children grow! In particular, the stability of the cervical spine is essential for postural control. This is an important system not only for children's posture and gait, but also for adulthood. For example, dizziness(PPPD)It is also one of the reasons such as. What is posture control?,Regulate three sensory information such as visual, vestibular, and somatosensory,It is a term that describes how to maintain a controlled upright posture by producing proper motor output. Posture control is one of the basic motor skills for humans who walk upright on two legs. Without posture control, humans cannot even walk properly, let alone perform daily tasks. ========================== New Year's gift plan! Everyone who registers for LINE Official will receive a limited video as a gift. Those who send a message saying "gift" after registration will receive a straight neck self-care limited video! Please register this "Posture Master" LINE officially. We will post news and topics related to inward walking research! This year, we will continue to focus on research on children's inner thighs and propose what should be done during children's important periods. Thank you for your continued support of the Inner Thigh Walking Research Center this year! Representative Naoaki Kizu ========================= References: TANI Hiroaki HiROAKTIANI, MS, RPT Attitude Control Program of Postural Control Dept.ofPhysicalTherapy,Chiba CollegeofAlliedMedicalSciences: RigakuryohoKagaku 10 (3): 121-126, 1995. ReceivedJune 3, 1995.LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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