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8Afterword of the Children's Inner Thigh Walking Seminar on May 20

8The seminar on inner thigh walking self-check and prevention method was held on the 20th of the month, and 21 people participated. Experts involved in child development also participated, and I think it was a meaningful time. The chapter structure presented in this seminar is as follows. 1 What is inner thighs? 2 Why do you have an inward thigh? 3 By factor Details 4 Risks due to inward walking 5 Self-check method 6 Prevention method 7 Other questions. After that, you answered the questionnaire, so I will share it. Please tell us what you solved in this posture study session (inward walking), what you noticed, and what was good! Be as specific as possible. ( Free answer , 8Submission ) 1. I used to look at my legs, hip joints, and inner thighs a lot, but this time I realized once again the importance of the relationship between the leg and the neck. 2. When an amateur thinks about healing his inner thigh, he seems to pay attention to his knees, but I thought it would be better to pay attention to lifestyle habits such as how to sit and sleep! 3. Congenital, lifestyle, skeleton, nervous system... I was able to sort out various problems. Thank you very much? My usual clinical practice has turned into conviction. 4. Things to be careful about how you usually sit, play outside a lot, and let your youngest child be a one-year-old now, so it's better to let him do a lot. It was nice to know that I can be careful at home. My four-year-old daughter was lying face down with her legs in and out, almost jerking them open. I wondered if it was a femoral anterior sprain. 5. 4When my old daughter stood up, her feet felt like they had crushed the arch, and I thought it was an inner thigh, so I participated, but it was very helpful to learn about prevention methods, and I decided to practice it again! I'll see how it goes! 6. While there are many professionals who are particular about shoes, I was shocked that ordinary shoes are fine! As for the blink of an eye, I tried not to let them wear it, so I was sure that it was not wrong. The shop recommended it, so I asked questions about the structure, but they didn't seem to understand. I didn't know that the prone position affects the inner thigh. 7. I heard that prolapse is said to be developmental hip dysplasia, and I was shocked from the eyes.(I am also qualified as a nurse and a school nurse, but I learned that it is congenital.) Through the overall story, I realized that my childhood attitude had a profound impact on the rest of my life. Today's children, who receive a lot of information about the visual system, were reminded of the importance of the proprioceptive system and vestibular system that develop from the womb. And I would like to confidently convey the lessons I am conducting for parents and children by making use of what I learned today. In addition to explaining the cases, he talked specifically about what to pay attention to and observe and how to prevent and improve, and I feel that it was a meaningful meeting that was easy to understand not only for experts but also for the general public.…


What I would like to tell you before the children's inner crotch walking seminar

The Children's Inner Thigh Walking Self-Check & Prevention Online Seminar will finally be held this weekend from 9 p.m. on Saturday, August 20. Just before this inner thigh seminar, I summarized what I would like to tell you this time below. Inward walking is a state in which the foot axis is always facing inward with respect to a straight line in the direction of walking or traveling. The femur, lower leg, and talus neck become adults while their twisting changes as they grow. Normally, with growth, the angle of the anterior sprain of the femur decreases, the lower leg rotates outward, and the angle of the talus cervical angle decreases the angle of adduction. This affects the shape of the child's sleeping position, sitting habits, and play limb position, and ultimately expresses the orientation of the foot when walking. In addition, it is possible that prolonged gaming and study affect the development of brain function nerves, and as a result, postural control is not functioning well. In this seminar, we will collect the causes of these inner thighs from a wealth of materials and make them into charts to explain future measures, self-care, and prevention methods in an easy-to-understand manner. Saturday, August 20, 2022, 9pm to 10pm (including Q&A) Zoom Online Children's inner thigh walking self-check method & prevention method Participation fee: Free Note: If you wish to participate, please fill out the questionnaire. We will send a zoom invitation to your email address. * It will be done on Zoom Online, so please download the ZOOM app. * Also, please show your face on the day of the event and display your name in principle. * All audio and video recording is prohibited. Please fill in the application form below. https://forms.gle/zFpVBFvG5oFNUgZj6 文:Naoaki Kizu This page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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