Case of internal walking (1 year and 4 months old)

1Improvement case of internal crotch walking in a 4-month-old child

Both in-leg hip O leg and both ankles were intuitous feet.
Interventions (inputs) to the cervical spine and pelvis have been carried out continuously.

Before video is 1 year and 4 months old at the start of treatment.
When I'm sitting in a stroller, my body tends to the right.
Both feet and O legs are visited because they are bothered about the internal warping of the ankle joint.

Please see the case video here.

Even if I watched the video, the internal antipodes were strong with both legs and O legs as if it were bright.
Then, twice a month, the approach to the functional nerves is continued from the pelvis and cervical spine.

After video is 2 years old.
The effect gradually came out.
The habit that the body leans to the right has also improved, and the inner crotch O leg has also become an improvement tendency.