Figure skater's warped waist

Not to mention figure skating, "jumping" is essential.
This jump is sometimes said to be hung from the sky with the chest open when trying to jump high. I think this is the same not only for skating, but also for ballet and dance.

This advice to "hang from the sky from the sky" is one of the reasons why the player's body is warped (low back pain). And when people say, 'Open your chest and correct your posture,' people put a lot of force into their backs and shoulders. As a result, the lower back warps, leading to back pain and back pain.

Back pain in athletes can also cause lumbar disc discism if they have been doing it since childhood. It is important to remember the correct jumping behavior and to improve the "lumbar horn" caused by this hip warping! In our hospital, treatment for low back pain due to this warped waist is effective using the Glasston technique to deep muscles and ligaments along with this lumbar sacral correction.

And be careful when jumping.
It's not about being hung, it's about ingling on the floor.
However, it is an image that floats the body in the air using this floor reaction force. It is an image of using a spring on the sole of the foot. It is an image that not only the toes but also the heel pushes the floor when standing on the toes!

Currently, at the same time as the low back pain treatment, the figure skater's elementary school student double Axel (triple Axel ahead!) I have you do this training with the aim! Good luck , ◯◯chan!

If you are worried about children's over-warped back pain and how to use your body in jumping, please contact us!

Representative Naoaki Kizu