About children's posture improvement goods

I'm often asked questions about children's posture improvement goods. "Can I improve my posture using posture correction goods?"
(2) Cat back improvement corset (supporter)
?Certainly, children are so bad that they only see children with their backs. By forcibly waking up the posture, it may look somewhat less.
(3) Internal crotch correction corset (Gibbs)
?It is certain that the number of children walking in the crotch is increasing. Gibbs corrects torsion of the tibia below the knee. It is to correct the torsion by fixing it, such as wearing it when sleeping.?
There are various posture correction goods as described above on three problems.
Here is my view.
I have to do what the children are doing! I sympathy! And certainly, the difference may be clear if it is attached to the part and not.
?But what's important here is that the body needs to be thought about as a whole. I don't think we should capture it with parts.
?The whole body works in a connected chain. Capturing with a part interferes with the overall movement. I think correction in natural movement is necessary.