Improvement of inner crotch walking and back (4th grade of elementary school) case 5

Discussion: A boy in the fourth grade (9 years old) of the elementary school walking in the inner crotch at the time of coming to the hospital (April 2019), I walked petapeta in the left and right crotch with the shoulder and the back of the cat wound by the inner crotch walking as shown in the left video. It was improved in two months by the back inclination of the back of the cat's back and pelvis and the inner crotch correction of the hip joint. In self-exercise at home, the trunk is strengthened, and it improves early as a result of making the consciousness of the muscle of the back side such as the arm swing exercise, and the trunk seems to have improved posture well, and confidence of overcoming the inner crotch walk came out. KIZU Chiropractic (Nihonbashi, Tokyo) https://www.kizuchiro.com/ For consultation on treatment, please contact TEL03-3272-1939 Inner Crotch Walking Research Center https://uchimata-walk.com/ #巻き肩 #内股歩行 #子供内股 #扁平足Languageこのページは自動的に翻訳されました. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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