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Improvement of floating finger and inner crotch walking in children (Case 2)

Discussion: The rear of the pelvis makes it difficult to open the hip leg. It should focus on the linkage between the pelvis and the hip joint rather than the hip joint itself. In addition, there are many children who spend time on the floor from childhood, and if there are a lot of pechanko sitting and side sitting, it will cause the alignment of the hip joint and pelvis to break, so I want parents to observe it carefully. If there is pain in the hip joint, there is also a suspicion of acetabular failure, so there is a risk of forcibly opening the leg. If you are concerned, ask them to be examined by orthopedics or consult a JCR-registered chiropractor!  Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Improvement of inner crotch walking 1

Discussion: From an early age, I went to orthopedic surgery and osteopathic clinic, followed up, and came to the hospital because I was worried that my condition was deteriorating. I thought about how to fix gibbs as another therapy, but it seems that he was looking for a method that made use of the healing power according to the growth of the child rather than a surgical method. In our hospital, we place importance on linkage from the hip joint to the knee joint and ankle joint, and as a result of the treatment of a big negative factor called the back of the cat at the same time, it became an improvement tendency from about three months.  If there is no internal rotation abnormality of the hip joint, and the distortion and congenital abnormality from the knee to the ankle, it may be necessary to choose the cast fixing method. However, there are a lot of inner crotch walking by the functional disorder caused by the balance of the muscle and the skeleton.  Why does this inner crotch walk and its balance not improve with growth? does not lead to fundamental improvements. The result which can be treated without knowing the cause is not born. I think we should choose a treatment that matches the growth of our children. This boy patiently did the exercise and posture guidance that I proposed. Thanks to you, it seems to have turned to the recovery direction at an early stage. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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