Walking cycle research

Walking cycle

In thinking about the principle principle of walking, it is important to think about the walking cycle.
The walking cycle is a phenomenon that occurs if anyone is walking, and it is a thing of the cycle which is all in the walk of the elderly even if it walks fast even if it walks fast of the baby. However, this cycle often varies from person to person, which can cause various obstacles.

Figure 1 below briefly classifies the walking cycle.

Figure 1 Walking cycle classification

The walking cycle includes the standing and playing phases. And it can be classified into the categories in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2 Walking Cycle Category

Rancho Los Amigo Method: This method is used at the Rancho Los Angeles National Rehabilitation Center in Los Angeles, one of the world's most well-versed walking research facilities.

Figure 3 Walking cycle transition

It is the principle principle of walking that this walking cycle is done right and left and right naturally. However, it is not an overk word to say that if the posture of the standing position is not correct, it is not possible to walk correctly using this walking cycle.

Bibliography & Image Quoting Sources:
"Observational Walking Analysis" by Kirsten Gotz-Neumann (Medical Shoin)

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