Children's treatment

In recent years, many children with problems such as "strange walking", "children often fall", "inward walking", and "sloppy walking" come to our hospital.
At our hospital, we perform treatment to improve internal thigh walking (inner thigh walking).
For children with internal thighs (inner thighs), we will ask them in detail about their condition and habits, and then we will connect them from the ankle to the knee, hip joint, pelvis, and spine for an examination and a neurological examination of brain function. Based on the results, we are performing a treatment that improves "inner thigh-walking" in a state that matches natural growth from the root.
If your child is worried about walking inwardly, such as "walking strangely, falling often, or walking inward", please contact us.

About inner crotch walking
The cause of internal walking is explained.

Children's case
Actual internal gait cases are posted.

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