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Dr. Tsujiso Medical Director, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, St. Luke's International Hospital

KIZU Chiropractic Relationship with Dr. Kizu
Since about 10 years ago, Dr. Kizu and I have been introducing patients diagnosed with indications in each other's fields of expertise and exchanging opinions on various cases.
For example, if a patient who comes to KIZU Chiropractic needs a detailed examination such as MRI or X-ray, we refer him to our hospital, and if a patient visiting our hospital needs chiropractic treatment, we will introduce him to KIZU Chiropractic.
Orthopedic treatment focuses on the area of pain, for example, examining the knee if the knee hurts and examining the hip joint when the hip joint hurts, but in chiropractic, for example, even if the knee hurts, all the functions that are interlinked such as the hip joint, hip joint, and ankle joint are checked and the cause of the pain is removed.
Dr. Kizu's chiropractic theory, which understands the correlation for eliminating the cause of pain, can be trusted and recommended to patients, and many patients have actually achieved remarkable therapeutic effects.

Daily preparation necessary for surgical procedures
When it comes to surgery, many people think that if the wound is closed after surgery, the disease will be completely cured, but this is a misconception.
I have been involved in many surgeries for "degenerative diseases" that are caused by a decrease in cartilage in the joints, and the degree of recovery of this disease in particular depends on the state of muscle strength and physical balance before surgery. And depending on how seriously you take your rehabilitation after surgery, your recovery status will vary greatly.
Patients who usually try to walk as much as possible and care about the condition of the muscles of the whole body are in good condition after the onset of the disease and surgery. With the latest surgery, there are many people who can move their joints immediately after surgery. However, if you neglect to walk on a regular basis or do not have muscle strength, postoperative rehabilitation will be difficult.

To enable as many patients as possible to lead worried lives
Unfortunately, there are many patients who come to the orthopedic department whose condition has progressed to the point where it is difficult to walk on their own, and they are in a so-called "yoreyore" state.
On the other hand, many patients who come to the clinic for chiropractic treatment show signs of deforming disease, but their condition has not progressed to the level that requires surgery.
In order to understand correct information about the disease in such early symptoms, in October 2013,KIZU Chiropractic's "Deformable Diseases" SeminarWe gave a lecture on the latest surgical methods and postoperative activities, as well as prevention methods and rehabilitation for deforming diseases.
Dr. Kizu and I will continue to make efforts to ensure that as many patients as possible can lead pain-free lives through steady activities that make use of each other's specialized fields.

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Professor Tsukasa Inashima Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, The University of Tokyo Hospital

With the unprecedented aging of the population in Japan, the number of people requiring nursing care and support is rapidly increasing.
Stroke, dementia, and joint diseases account for a large number of causes.(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "National Life Basic Survey" Heisei 25)。

From now on, it is a major issue not only to treat diseases and extend life, but also to prevent them from requiring long-term care or support, but joint diseases can be prevented by using the body appropriately.

However, I don't think many people, including myself, have experienced being taught how to walk and sit at home or school. Even if there is, I don't think there are many people who have the experience of receiving guidance in the correct way based on scientific evidence. This can cause joint damage by walking, sitting or working in the wrong way, or you may be causing joint disease with exercises you think are good.

Dr. Kizu, director of KIZU Chiropractic, has been tackling this problem from an early stage, providing guidance to many patients, systematizing the method, and giving lectures and practical guidance at companies. This methodology is very interesting from my standpoint as a cardiologist, and I thought that it could be applied to the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, etc., and in 2014, we jointly launched a generalBookswas published. Fortunately, it has been well received, and it seems to be useful for improving the condition of joints and blood vessels in many people.

I believe that Dr. Kizu's research and enlightenment will greatly contribute to a society where people can live long and healthy lives, so I would like to recommend them here.

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